Modded Server Plugin Ideas

Humans & Facilities - All of the features must be configurable

Flashlight light has a flash grenade effect & has a battery limit (from Dead by Daylight)
Reference video
The chance of getting candies at TC01 can be modified
Blue Candy has a chance to turn into a zombie
Rainbow Candy causes a flash effect on nearby players
Drop a coin to teleport to a random location (percentage configurable)
And throwable objects (SCP-018, All grenades) instantly explode when they hit the ground or wall (with a certain probability)
Grenades explode multiple times (configurable) based on certain probability
Grenade can blackout specific area for few seconds with N percentage
Human factions get a certain amount of AHP on every kill (different configurable amount for SCP / other humans)
Staying near the active SCP224 range for more than N seconds will turn the user into 0492
Radios can detect SCP when it’s held. Configurable message via hint or broadcast
JailBird & 3x3 particle disrupter can have custom damages
When the generator activates, the area blacks out & locks down for N seconds
n% of guards will spawn in the LCZ checkpoint. They won't be allowed to get out of the checkpoint for N seconds after the game starts.
Some ClassD spawn in the PT room with a certain chance
SCP1162 (not sure if there’s a ported version in NWAPI)
Configurable amount of Stamina for each SCPs
Constantly take N damage in the alpha warhead room every N seconds (one is HCZ)
Arresting someone gives N damage to the arrestee
Using SCP1576 will display a survivor summary (like how many people are spectators, number of d class, spawn probability, SCP types, time until mtf / chi spawn, spawn chance etc) - either bc or hint
Reverse MTF / CHI broadcast by n % (to confuse users, yes)
Revolver can shoot multiple times on each click (like SMGs)
Shotgun can shoot multiple times on each click (like SMGs)
Continuously take N damage every N seconds if you stay in the same place for N amount of times (not just afk detection but prevents users from camping)
Promote MTFs who are Private, Specialist / Sergeant to higher rank when they contain SCPs Captains get N effect or N health when they contain SCPs
Teleport to SCP106 dimension if you stay longer than N seconds in LCZ Black pit ( I don’t know what it’s called. But randomly spawned that slows you down)
Random Box - Give a random item when holding a keycard and typing .gift (No keycard should be dropped, percetnage configurable, cooldown configurable)
Human gets random effects (percetnage) on SCP914 when it’s configured as “very fine” and die on “Rough
SCP049 can talk with humans with V key
SCP173 gets faster based on its health (configurable ration)
Spawn Chaos instead facility guards with N percentage & Conscripts with A7
Death from taking more than one painkiller at a time (overdose)
MTF Captain can disable tesla for few seconds with .tesla or .t (N times limit per spawn)
H.I.D randomly explodes whenever it’s turned on (gives damage same as grenade, configurable N chance)
Person who was hit by Jailbird (left click) can’t move for N seconds (happens by N percent chance)

SCP - All of the features must be configurable

SCP size randomly decreases/increases (configurable range)
SCP049 Left-click instant kill (on/off, like MP2) SCP49 Speed increases as hp decreases (configurable, ratio) SCP49 Increased movement speed & 0492 creation speed as hp decreases (configurable)
SCP49-2 Speed increases as they kill more human faction Human faction killed by 049-2 becomes 049-2 by N chance (on/off)
SCP079 exp gets drained when hit by a lightbulb If you shoot more than 30 bullets into a camera, SCP079 will not be able to see camera for a period of time
SCP079 lockdown skill now deals 1 damage per sec to the human faction in the area
SCP096 now has insta kill ability (like prior to the 13.0 patch, think this concept as “critical” in other games)
SCP106 Can now teleport to a pocket dimension and instantly kill humans (cooldown configurable)
SCP173 Randomly spawns in base / shelter / PT room
SCP939 Lunge causes N damage to nearby human factions
This is not the final version. More features will be added to SCPs.